Services & Fees

Ongoing monthly fee:  6%   *Rate discounts for 13+ units


Our standard management fee applies to single-family residences & apartment complexes under 13 units. Properties with 13+ units will have the discounted rate 5%. Fee is charged on the gross rent collected, per occupied unit. No charge applied to vacant units; if you’re not getting paid, neither are we.

                  What’s included in our monthly fee:

  • 120-day property inspections (includes photos & emailed copy)
  • Internal rent collections
  • Accounting services (bookkeeping, monthly reports, invoicing)
  • Daily online updates for Tenants and Owner accounts (as needed)

Tenant Screening includes:

  • Verification of Applicant’s credit (FICO score, SSN verification & fraud alert)
  • Verification of Applicant’s criminal, civil & eviction history
  • Verification w/ Applicant’s employer & landlord for accuracy & history
  • Verification of Applicant’s current living arrangement & conditions (if necessary)

The table below displays our minimum required rent per unit. If the minimum rent is not reached, then our miimum fee of $150.00 takes effect.


Property Type Minimum Rent/Unit Minimum Fee/Unit
Single-Family $2000.00 $150.00
Multi-Family $1150.00 $150.00


New Tenant Lease-up Fee:  35% of 1st month rent


Fee used for initial costs of obtaining a tenant, these include:

  • Advertising/Marketing costs
  • Applicant background checks
  • Employee hours spent on showings

No lease-up fee for renewing tenants, or replacement tenants if the current tenant stays for a period less than one (1) year.

Annual Administrative Fee - $175 once a year. 

                  Year-end fee for each property, this covers:

  • Annual owner’s statement
  • Federal 1099 Tax forms
  • Updating owner online files

Owners Trust Fund Reserves* - $300 *refundable & negotiable

Used to handle emergency situations (ex: flooding to kitchen or bathroom), and mitigate damages, or to handle day-to-day operating expenses on behalf of the owner, if necessary. This amount is subject to variance from property to property based on specific needs.



      All repairs & maintenance are at owner’s expense. No additional costs, outside of materials and labor, are associated with repairs. All repairs will be approved by owner before beginning. Repair funds will either be paid as needed, or from owners account; with approval & if amount is sufficient. If additional funds are needed, owner will deposit with Management Company.

      Owners are free to do their own maintenance; we just ask that they keep us informed.

No Fee Services

  • 24 Hour. 7 Day a week. Emergency Services & Contact
  • Lease renewal
  • Vacant property/unit
    •    As stated before; if you’re not making money, neither are we. The only exception is if any work on the property/unit is requested.
  • Notices & Legal Documentation
    •   **Tenants are responsible for these costs, however sometimes during the eviction process they do not pay. If so, the owner is responsible & will be reimbursed contingent on the amount recovered from collections**
    • Three Annual Property Inspections
    • Unpaid Invoice fees (typically a 3% charge)
    • Bill Payment
    • Evictions
      •  **See Evictions section for details**


 We also offer the option to list and sell your property to tenants and non-tenants alike.



      Cancelation requires 30-Day Notice in writing & vacancy with no approved applicant. If we have rented the property in last 30 days or have an approved applicant, the cancelation fee will be $750.

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